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FREE Website Monitoring Service

Free Website MonitoringWebsite Monitoring is essential to ensure early reaction to web site unavailability. Sign up now for FREE 30 minute 24/7/365 monitoring. Simply tell us below the domain name to be checked and an email address for notification of problems. SMS messages are available to subscribers.

WHY Website Monitoring ?

The availability of internet sites is vital to many organisations to ensure cutomers and enquirers can always access the owner's website. After investment in developing and marketing an online business, it is folly to assume that the resulting website will be continually available and that the hosting organisation will react immediately to any problems without prompting. But who realistically is going to schedule a manual check or wants to wait to discover the problem from a customer.

A customer who in fact may have taken his business to a competitor. Frequent automatic checking that a website is alive and well with immediate warnings of unavailability, are essential components for any online organisation which deems the internet is a vital tool in their business strategy.

Subscribe now for the frequency you require.

Frequency Cost
30 minutes. FREE
15 minutes £12.95 per annum
10 minutes £18.95 per annum
5 minutes £24.95 per annum

All paid for services can receive Email and/or SMS text alerts to mobile phone.

HOW does Website Monitoring work ?

Website Monitoring is the technique employed to ensure problems with a client's internet visibility can be detected and countered quickly. This is achieved by frequent and regular checking access through an automatic process executed on a platform independent of the client's hosting systems. This process includes swift notification to the client of any irregularities in accessing the website, enabling the client to immediately take remedial action.

How frequently to Monitor Web sites ?

The frequency of checking a website's availability may be tuned to the volume of visitors to that website. For a client attracting many potential customers a website's availability could be checked every minute, whereas one with only ocassional visitors could be checked hourly. However for any online organisation the monitoring should be every day, all day, weekends, evening and holidays - the monitoring should never sleep. Much internet business is carried out outside an organisation's normal working hours, particularly involving individual consumers or international customers. One of the advantages of an online business is that it should be available 24 hours every day.

FREE Website monitoring

We will check your web site hourly 24/7 to ensure it is up and running. Simply enter above, the domain name you wish checking, an email address for notifications, hit the submit button and we will check your site is alive and well every 30 minutes ABSOLUTELY FREE. If you require checks to be made more frequently choose your frequency. We have packages for checking as often as you require, with options for choosing SMS text message to your mobile.


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