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Yahoo finally drops Google results and launches its own algorithm.

As many search engine SEO's and insiders have been predicting Yahoo's results have changed. However, they are not showing the expected Inktomi database they acquired last year.

Yahoo has built its own search engine with its own algorithm and very Google like way it displays results.

The current results are available on Yahoo.com and are expected to roll out to other locations in the next few weeks.

The only question now is how do you optimise your site for the new Yahoo? Should we even bother? Yahoo's slice of the search engine market place has dwindled due to Google's dominance over the past year or so. A directory entry in Yahoo used to be a guarantee of quality traffic and good Page Rank.

There are some steadfast Yahoo loyal users who, if the search results are as good as the Google served results, will stay loyal. However this new search engine will not increase Yahoo's share in the market place. Quite the contrary, if the results are not what the user expects and wants, they may turn away from Yahoo in their droves.

So all in all its a risk Yahoo has got to take as its increasing revenues come from many more cash flows than the Directory paid inclusion. Even now with their ownership of Overture they may be looking at getting a share of the advertising revenue that is now valuing Google at in excess of £8 billion!!!!

Yahoo is worth double that but had to spend fortunes in above the line advertising to achieve this level. Google has hardly spent a penny, has tripled their market share and income is likely to be higher this quarter.

Our conclusion to this news is still to focus on Google and keep a steady eye on Yahoo's market share. Preliminary searches have seen much spam and cloaking sites ranking highly, we suspect this is still a result of the fairly old (pre xmas 03) data they are currently using.

Many users have reported visits of Yahoo Slurp in their logs, so lets hope for some recent relevant results soon. The fundamentals of optimisation remain the same. Quality content and relevant pages designed with users in mind.


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