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The major search enginesURL Submission Pages Of Search Engines and Directories:

Submitting to these engines and directories successfully will cover 98% of all your traffic via the internet from highly qualified targeted leads (These people are actively seeking your product!).

Be aware that multiple submissions sometimes will result in being blocked from that source. Submit monthly if your site has not been optimised. We would not advise this as you may never appear. Take a look at our free offer to see if your site has been optimised.

Always ensure you follow the terms and conditions strictly.

If you already have a listing the process to alter your entry may be different. Consult the experts.

Please note some of these now use paid listings only. Feel free to add your url to the free one's.

Here is a step by step guide to submitting your site to the free search engines and directories. Do not expect things to happen quickly. Note who you submit to and follow up a month later if your site is not added. Once in that's it you do not need to resubmit.

1. Search Engines that accept free listings.

1. Google
2. Lycos
3. AltaVista
4. About
5. Open Directory
6. AlltheWeb
7. ExactSeek
8. ScrubTheWeb
9. What U Seek
10. SearchHippo
11. EntireWeb
12. GigaBlast
13. Gimpsy
14. SearchKing
15. SearchIt
16. WebSquash
17. Look
18. NationalDirectory
19. Starting Point
20. NerdWorld
21. Aesop
22. SitesOnDisplay
23. SplatSearch
24. Aeiwi
25. TryAmerica
  26. SurfGopher
27. intelSeek
28. SearchEngine.com
29. Buzzle
30. Hotrate
32. MavicaNet
33. Claymont
34. Web World
35. Any Search Info
36. Qango
37. Walhello
38. 2kCity
39. OnSeek
40. Amray
41. MixCat
42. CanLinks
43. TurnPike
44. SurfSafely
45. TrueSearch
46. This Is Our Year
47. QuestFinder
48. ClickForChoice
49. WebbieWorld
50. Noago

UK Specific

Brit Index

Mirago Uk

Splut UK

Please note we are constantly adding to this list, if you have any suggestions click here

2. Directories

Open Directory

Yahoo ( if non commercial)

Looksmart (or Zeal if non commercial)



With all the above free submission is not guaranteed and can take quite a time if at all.

Always note when and who submitted to and note down follow up time usually 4-6 weeks after submission.







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